Prop 8 in Plain English

This is about the best explanation of the pro 8 issue I have found.

The commerical

The spot is up on Youtube. Please go there to view it so it increases the rating and gets more visibility. Enjoy

Party A or Bride?

When we were filming "Silly Laws" the California marriage licenses were as we depicted--Party A and Party B. Because of the outcry the laws were changes. You can read about the changes at the link below.

'Bride' and 'groom' will soon return to state marriage license forms

October 07, 2008 By Jennifer Garza Sacramento Bee

Rachel Bird and Gideon Codding have thought of themselves as bride and groom since their August church ceremony.

Now the state of California agrees.

The Roseville couple had refused to sign the state's new marriage license forms which had replaced the words "bride" and "groom" with "Party A" and "Party B." Because of this, their marriage was not recognized by the state. The two sued.

Protecting Marriage

Another video about what is happening in Massachusetts. Talk about silly laws.

Activist Judges = party A and party B.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich discusses the importance of standing up to activist judges.

YouTube videos that ask... "Why Not Gay Marriage?

Here are some videos that explain the issues behind same sex marriage. Please watch.

Protecting marriage to protect children

I'm a liberal Democrat. And I do not favor same-sex marriage. Do those positions sound contradictory? To me, they fit together.

By David Blankenhorn September 19, 2008

(complete article at the link below),0,2093869.story

First-grade field trip to witness a lesbian wedding.

If anyone you know has any lingering doubts about what will happen if we fail to pass Proposition 8, please have them read the linked article fromthe San Francisco Chronicle telling of a first-grade class taking a fieldtrip yesterday to witness a lesbian wedding.

To find out More

There are some excellent resources on the internet that can help you better understand the issues.

Have a look at these websites.